Colorado 21st Century Skills defined:


  1. Critical Thinking and Reasoning - Critical thinking and reasoning are vital to advance in the technologically sophisticated world in which we live. In order for students to be successful they will need to recognize patterns and relationships, understand and use logic, analyze evidence and draw conclusions, and be inquiry based problem solvers.

  2. Invention - Invention takes students to a higher level of meta cognition. Applying creative new ways to solve problems students must integrate ideas from multiple disciplines to formulate an understanding of the natural world as they search for patterns and themes, and make connections among ideas, strategies and solutions.

  3. Self Direction - Learning requires a productive disposition, curiosity and self direction. Students must generate their own questions, and design investigations to find the answers; this involves monitoring and assessing their own thinking.

  4. Collaboration - Students will collaborate with each other in multiple settings, offering ideas, strategies, and solutions for others to evaluate, and seeking others’ ideas, allowing them to compare and evaluate the merit of different ideas and fostering a safe environment for discourse.

  5. Information Literacy - The 21st Century students accesses information efficiently and effectively with tools and habits of mind to organize and interpret data, understand what constitutes reliable sources of information, and clearly communicates thoughts using sound reasoning.